Sharper Image Reports Strong May Sales

San Francisco-based specialty retailer Sharper Image Corp. (Nasdaq: SHRP) reported an a store sales increase of 20 percent in May, for $35.2 million.

Catalogue sales rose 19 percent, to $10.7 million, while Internet sales increased 25 percent, to $4.8 illion.

During the first fiscal quarter ended April 30, the company reported total store sales increased 24 percent to $69.8 million, with comparable store sales increasing 11 percent. Catalogue sales increased 47 percent to $39.5 million, while Internet sales increased 35 percent to $16.3 million.

Company chairman and chief executive Richard Thalheimer attributed a slowdown in momentum during May to reduced television infomercial spending. Thalheimer added that once lower summer media rates went on the market, Sharper Image would again increase its frequency of infomercials.

The company opened six new stores in May, and two in June. Thalheimer said the company’s goal is to increase its new stores portfolio by 10-15 percent.

Sharper Image Reports Strong May Sales

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